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About Us

Together We Build Africa

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Following the success of construction projects for two cement plants in Morocco and as part of the Group's development, Mr. Anas Sefrioui decided to expand his activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is in this context that Ciments de l'Afrique (CIMAF) was created in 2011.

​In order to support it in the realization of these projects, CIMAF has opted for a European supplier of international renown thus constituting a guarantee of respect of the deadlines and the quality of the installations.
CIMAF's ambition is to be a recognized operator in a strategic sector for the development of Africa and a professional and competitive player, contributing to the diversification of supply and the strengthening of the continental industrial fabric. The group currently has cement plants in 13 African countries



  • Creation of Ciments de l'Afrique CIMAF

  • Start of grinding and bagging plant in Ivory Coast

  • Start of grinding and bagging plant in Guinea Conakry



  • Start of grinding and bagging plant in Cameroon

  • Start of grinding and bagging in Burkina Faso



  • Start of the cement grinding business in Gabon

  • Start of the grinding and bagging activity in the Republic of Congo Brazzaville



  • Commissioning of CIMAF Ghana plant

  • Start of grinding and bagging plant in Mali

  • Start of grinding and bagging plant in Mauritania



  • Expansion of CIMAF Ghana plant to 2.3 million metric tonnes.

Our Mission


Produce, commercialize and develop innovative materials and services for our customers in particular and for the construction industry in general while maintaining excellent operational, environmental, economic and financial performances compatible with our principles voluntarily adopted for sustainable development.

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