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Customer Awards Dinner 2019.

After one thousand and ninety five days(3years) of consistent growth on the Ghanaian market, we deem it necessary to celebrate our cherished customers, partners, distributers and end users of our quality Portland cement, Cimaf.

While we are ultimately a cement manufacturing company, our real job is to help build, while improving the future of the construction industry with innovative building materials, to support and enhance durability of modern infrastructures in our communities.

Recognizing the efforts of our customers and partners for the past years has never been a challenge in correlation to our existing data of nearly…

“thousands of project resolutions, hundreds of distributors, sixteen regions and four cement grades”…We say “AYEKOO” to all deserving customers/partners at this year’s awards dinner.

Thank you for being such a dedicated and valuable player in our quest to build a stronger Africa with Cimaf.



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